Google is often the "go-to" resource for online research. However, search results on Google are sometimes overwhelming because of the advertisements and number of hits. Try some of these databases and search engines to help with your research. 

Remember, these sites, just like Google, don't speak English! Use key words to help with your search.


 link to PebbleGo    MidContinent Library (opens in new window)    EBSCO Host (opens in new window)
PebbleGo- This is an award-winning pre-K to grade 3 database for reading and research. It includes built-in reading and research tools for emerging readers. Leveled text, educational games, and research tools for emerging readers.   Midcontinent Online Library - Use your library card or the school's institution card to login and access these resources.    Ebsco Host - This includes a large set of databases. Park Hill School District students and teachers can access this information. 


  link to Safe Search Kids
   Kid Rex (opens in new window)    Kidtopia (opens in new window)
Safe Search for Kids - search engine for kids

  KidRex is a kid-friendly search engine.   Kidtopia is a kid-friendly search engine.


Ducksters (opens in new window)
   Wonderopolis (opens in new window)    link to A-to-Z Animals
Ducksters - Working on a biography? Ducksters is a great place to start. 
  Wonderopolis - This is a great place to start wondering and exploring the world around you!
  A-Z AnimalsIf you need information about animals--this is a great site with accurate information. 
link to DK Find Out
   National Geographic Kids (opens in new window)    
DK Find Out is an easy-to-use research tool. If you are researching animals, this is a great place! 
  National Geographic Kids has information about animals and their habitats. There are also games and videos.     

News News icon

Do you need to know about the conflict in the Middle East? Are you curious about the breaking of the new hot dog-eating world record? Wondering who won last night's big game? Try one of these Student News Links:
Tween Tribune 
CNN 10 
DOGO News for Kids 
Guinness Book of World Records

Learning Games Learning games icon                                                      

Food Chain Game--Play this interactive quiz to learn about food chains.

iCivics--You can create laws and act as a judge with this interactive game. 

Starfall--This site has games designed to help younger students work on their reading skills