Leader In Me

The Leader In Me: Great Happens Here


Graden Elementary has been awarded Lighthouse School status from Stephen Covey.

The Leader in Me is an innovative, school wide model that emphasizes a culture of student empowerment and helps unleash each child’s full potential. Applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, teachers and students internalize timeless leadership principles that nurture the skills students need for success in the 21st century.

We like to promote the Hornet Habits each day through our morning announcements and various activities throughout the month. Some ways that we promote the Hornet Habits

  • Students have building leadership roles that they apply for.
    We have Bus Leaders, Cafeteria Leaders, Environmental Leaders, Event Leaders, Greeter Leaders, Office Leaders, Public Speaking Leaders, Recess Leaders, Recycling Leaders, and Spirit Leaders
  • Students demonstrating the Habits are honored through monthly nominations and a Habit Luncheon                                           
  • Buddy Assemblies and Activities on a regular basis to promote the Habits across grade levels
  • Special Spotlight on the Habits on the morning announcements led by the students
  • All students have a leadership t-shirt to promote acting on the 7 Habits regularly

We want to hear from you!

We love talking about the amazing things that students say about The Leader in Me program at Graden and watching how the students apply the 7 Habits to their daily work. How do you see students applying The Leader in Me processes and the 7 Habits beyond the walls of Graden? Please go to the following link to share quotes and stories about how The Leader in Me is seen in your home or during extra-curricular activities: 


The 7 Habits: Be Proactive. Begin with the End in Mind. Put First Things First. Think Win-Win. Seek First to Understand Then be Understood. Synergize. Sharpen the Saw.

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