The goal of the art program at Graden is to teach students to think like artists. This means they learn to use art elements and techniques to solve problems, think creatively, and make justifiable decisions about their work. Critical thinking, fine motor ability, and global communication are important life skills we’ll learn through the visual arts. We will also focus on exploring the many time periods and cultures from which art originates so students can appreciate the historical impact of the visual arts in our modern society. Of course, it is also my goal for all students to enjoy the time they spend expressing themselves through their artwork.

Our school is a member of (, an online student art museum. When students complete artwork at Graden, it is photographed and uploaded onto the website. Each child has his or her own “gallery” with a screenname consisting of their first name and some numbers (ex. John541). Parents received information on how to create an account at Meet the Teacher Night. If you need help signing up, please e-mail me at If you have already signed up, make sure you check your e-mail for further instructions on creating an account and for updates when new artwork is published online.

The Artsonia gift shop allows visitors to order customized products printed with student artwork (mugs, t-shirts, notebooks, ornaments, etc.) 20% of the profit made from these purchases comes back to Graden. This is a wonderful source of fundraising for the art room, so please consider purchasing items in the gift shop.

The Graden Art Fair will be on Wednesday, April 22nd this year. All students will have at least 1 piece of artwork in the art fair. Your student will receive a note indicated which project(s) he/she will have displayed as they are chosen. Please collect these throughout the year so you know which project(s) to look for when you attend. We will also have a silent auction during the Art Fair for the collaborative projects each class will make together. These will appear on Artsonia. Mark your calendars! Also, check the district calendar for the dates of the Park Hill District Arts Festival (late April or early May). Some Graden students will have work displayed in this district-wide art festival as well.

If you’d like to make a donation to the art room, I’ll be collecting baby wipes in the art room to use during clean-up. Sharpie markers and pencils are also high-use, so those are appreciated as well.