Google is often the "go-to" resource for online research. However, search results on Google are sometimes overwhelming because of the advertisements and number of hits. Try some of these databases and search engines to help with your research.

Remember, these sites, just like Google, don't speak English! Use key words to help with your search.

 visit EBSCO Host  (opens in new window)

EBSCO is such a large database it can sometimes be overwhelming! Try Book Collection, Kids Search, or quick Search to get started with research. 

   visit Wonderopolis (opens in new window)

Wonderopolis - Why is the sky blue? What is snow made of? Why do dogs chase their tail? Find out this and other wonders on this site. 

Grow a Reader - This is the link for 
our local public library research page. They have e-books for checkout and many good research databases you can use with your library card. 
 visit Discovery Kids (opens in new window)

Discovery Kids - This site has videos and games about all categories of science--from animals to space to new inventions. 

  visit Fact Monster (opens in new window)Factmonster is an online site that includes almanacs, encyclopedias.    visit Kidtopia (opens in new window)

Kidtopia is a kid-friendly search engine. 

Hour of Code Activities
   visit InfoPlease (opens in new window)

Infoplease has a dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia, and thesaurus. It also has searchable categories to narrow your search. 
  visit National Geographic Explore the World (opens in new window)
National Geographic - Researching a country? Need information on population? This site has up-to-date information and is sponsored by the CIA. 
visit Ducksters  (opens in new window)

Ducksters - Working on a biography? Ducksters is a great place to start. 
   visit Science Kids Country Facts (opens in new window)

Science Kids - Researching a country?  Try these fast facts to help you find information! 
                visit A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources (opens in new window)
A to Z Animals 

A-Z Animals - If you need information about animals--this is a great site with accurate information. 

visit DK Find Out (opens in new window) 
DK Find Out is an easy-to-use research tool. If you are researching animals, this is a great place! 
  visit National Geographic Explore the World (opens in new window)

National Geographic Kids has information about animals and their habitats. There are also games and videos.  
visit Pebble Go (opens in new window)
Pebble Go has lots of science, social studies, and biography links to use for your research.  It has easy to read information with tabs to guide your research.
link to Mid-Continent Library
Research - Book Flix, Culture Grams, True Flix and so much more!  Have your library card ready!